Bertio "Remora" Finey

Gentleman Bastard


Level 4 Human (Variant) Wild Sorcerer (104)
Background: Charlatan (PHB 128)
XP: 2915

HP. 36
AC: 11/14

SP: 5

STR 16 +3
DEX 10 -
CON 16 +3
INT 10 -
WIS 11 -
CHA 10 -

Saving Throw Proficiencies
Con, Cha

Spells Per Day:
Level 1 – 4
Level 2 – 3

Fire Bolt +6’ 1d10 fire damage

Skill Proficiencies:
Sleight of Hand

Tool Proficiencies:
Disguise Kit
Forgery Kit


Class Features:
Wild Surge
Tides of Chaos

Minor Illusion
Fire Bolt
Mage Hand
Blade Ward

Level 1:
Mage Armor
Disguise Self
Witch Bolt

Level 2:
Enhance Ability

Light Crossbow
Bolts x20
Arcane Focus (Crystal) Gauntlet
Explorers Pack
Dagger x2
Fine Clothes
Regular Clothes
Disguise Kit
Signet Ring
Bit & Bridle
Bag of deliciousness – horse edition
Cultist Clothing


Group items:

Potion of Healing x1

Gang funds
List of names of religious converts – 15


Bertio, magically inclined liar by trade, has a number of alliases depending on who you ask.

One of those was one Emmir Remora, ostensibly a diplomat in the service of the fictional “Duke Edwin Lionsbrook”, ruler of Lionsbrook who was kept in the service of the Duke in order to negotiate trade agreements for their impoverished, but ancient Duchy.

As part of his ruse he had paid off a mail room flunky in Cormyr to intercept messages sent to verify the existence of Duke Edwin and Emmir’s link to him.

Remora was in the middle of an extended con with his associates Mordai and Varis when things started to go off the rails with his arrival at Greenest. Initially him and his troupe intended to dupe the township into parting with whatever sums they were able, but upon discovering the Cult and their ever-growing sacrificial hoard of treasure, he did the naturally selfish thing – become a heroic adventurer.

Unfortunately, the world is a cruel place with no appreciation for his brand of heroism and Remora was felled by poor luck (and assassins…mostly assassins). He was spirited away by his compatriots who have sought to find a suitable healer for their injured ally.

Personality Trait: I keep multiple holy symbols on me and invoke whatever deity might come in useful.
Ideal: I am free spirit. No one tells me what to do.
Bond: I owe everything to my mentor, a horrible person rotting in jail somewhere.
Flaw: I can’t resist swindling people who are more powerful than me.

Bertio "Remora" Finey

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